3 Ways Flying Effects Can Enhance Superhero Stage Productions

12 January 2023
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Stage shows can cover a wide range of stories and genres. If you want to run a stage show about superheroes, then you may want to consider flying effects for the show. Professional flying effects allow performers to go up into the air and move across the stage in a variety of motions.

As you plan out the logistics and stunts for a superhero stage production, learn some of the ways flying effects can really enhance the whole show.

1. Superhero Authenticity

When an audience watches your superheroes on stage, you want them to appear as real as possible. If a superhero has the power of flight, then you want to see them launch up into the air. Flying effects can make these moves a reality. With seamless integration, a character can fly across the stage or remain suspended in the air.

The flying effects do not need to just represent flight either. You have the opportunity to showcase the strength of a superhero as well. For example, a villain character can use flying effects to launch across the stage when a powerful superhero punches them. The use of the effects adds a lot of authenticity to the story and allows superpowers to stand out on stage.

2. Fight Scenes

Fight scenes become a lot more enhanced when performers have flying effects. With choreographed movements, characters can leap off of set pieces, perform moves in the air, and make the action more exciting. A performer flying company can train actors to go through the fights step by step to create a dynamic stage presence.

With the addition of flying effects, you will have a lot more options for the scenes. For example, some of the props can use the flying effects as well. A superhero could throw a giant bomb up into the sky so it disappears completely off the stage. Stunt workers will work with your script to make each element a reality.

3. Backdrop Options

When you use flying effects, you can really change the way you set up backdrops and scenes. For example, you could feature the top of a large skyscraper as one of the stage elements and have a superhero fly down from the skyscraper. If a superhero has any aquatic elements, then you could set up a backdrop with an ocean scene.

The flying effects could make characters look like they are swimming underwater. Once you know how to implement the effects, you can play around with different options.

Contact a performer flying company to find out more details and to help plan out your whole production.