New To Scuba Diving? Follow These Tips For Beginners

29 June 2022
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Have you decided that you want to go scuba diving, but you've never done it before? Here are some basic tips that every beginner should know.

Know How To Breathe Underwater 

A common mistake that people make is holding their breath when they are underwater. The proper technique is to take a deep breath and slowly release it with the regulator not in your mouth. You can then put your mouth back on the regulator and breathe normally when necessary. It is easy for your instincts to kick in and feel like you need to hold your breath, but it is not an enjoyable way to scuba dive.

Know How To Equalize Your Eustachian Tubes

As you descend into the water you are going to have your Eustachian tubes in your ears become blocked, which creates a weird pressure sensation. There is a trick to get your Eustachian tubes cleared without going up to the surface. You'll want to plug your nose and gently try blowing through your nose. This will equalize the pressure and help you feel normal again. Do this as necessary when scuba diving to clear those tubes.

Know How To Clear Your Mask

There may come a point where your mask becomes foggy and you need to clear it. It is actually possible to clear the mask underwater. This can be done by letting a small amount of water into the mask. You can then swish it around so that the inside of the mask is washed over, and then clear the water out of the mask. Try practicing this technique in shallow water so that you are well prepared for when you're underwater. 

Know How To Relieve Dry Mouth

It's possible to experience a dry mouth while diving, and you'll want to fix it so that you feel comfortable. The trick is to take your regulator out and then take a small amount of water into your mouth. Swish the water around, put the regulator back in, and then clear the water out of your regulator. It's an easy skill to do, and not many people think of purposefully taking water into their mouths while underwater. 

Know How To Neutralize Your Buoyancy 

Your buoyancy control device (BCD) is what is going to help you ascend and descend in the water. However, you'll reach a point where you want to neutralize your buoyancy so that you stay at the same depth of water. Releasing air from the BCD will cause you to descend, and you can stabilize your position by letting air slowly into the BCD. Try to not let the air in too quickly or you'll start to ascend back to the surface. 

Contact a local scuba diving class to start learning how to scuba dive.