Why Seeing Comedy In A Theater Is Better Than In A Club

24 January 2022
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Attending a live comedy show can be a fun way to spend the evening, whether you're on a date night with your significant other or with a group of friends. Comedy takes place in lots of venues, but theaters and clubs are two common places for shows. When you're making plans to see one or more comedians perform, you'll need to decide which type of venue you favor. If there's a theater in your area, you'll likely find that it can be a better venue for comedy than a club. Here are some reasons why this is often the case.


You can expect to hear a lot of loud laughter in any comedy venue, but you'll otherwise find that theaters are quieter than bars. This can be ideal for those who want to be sure that they hear every word that the comedian says. In bars, there are all sorts of background noises that can affect your ability to hear. For example, because people are eating and drinking, you'll hear the clinking of glasses, plates, and cutlery. If you're sitting close to the bar, you'll hear the banter of the bartenders and the sounds of them making drinks. In a theater, none of these sources of noise are present.

No Pressure To Order

In a bar setting, you can expect that a server will approach you several times throughout the comedy show to ask if you wish to place an order for drinks or snacks. While you might enjoy something to eat and drink early on, you might feel pressured to place subsequent orders when the server arrives — which will escalate the cost of your night out. In a theater setting, you won't have to deal with servers approaching you as you watch the show. This can make the experience more pleasant and cause you to spend less money.

Better Sightlines

You'll also experience better sightlines from your seat to the stage when you watch a live comedy show at a theater instead of a club. In a club environment, there can be various obstacles that affect your ability to see the performer. For example, in addition to servers constantly walking between you and the stage, you'll also see patrons getting up to go to the bathroom. It can be frustrating to have others block your vision numerous times throughout the show. The manner in which theater seats are banked means that even if someone between you and the stage gets up, you should still be able to see the performer. Check out a place like Atlanta Comedy Theater for more.