6 Essential Tips For Staying Safe When Putting On A Firework Show At Home

3 May 2021
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


If you plan on celebrating the 4th of July at home with a personal firework show, you are going to want to ensure you know how to set up a safe firework show. Firework shows can be a great way to celebrate important holidays at home, as long as you have a plan to keep things safe.

#1: Don't Use Illegal Fireworks

First, to keep yourself safe, do not use illegal fireworks. Only buy fireworks that are legal for use in your state. Don't make your own fireworks either, which is also not a smart move. Illegal fireworks and home-build fireworks are not safe and could lead to dangerous explosions. Stick with legal fireworks when making your purchases. 

#2: Follow Local Laws

Second, it is essential to understand the local laws in your area. In many states, there are specific fireworks that can be used for commercial purposes. It is essential to stick to your state's rules and only use fireworks that are approved for sale in your state.

Additionally, some states have rules around when you can set off fireworks, with limits on the days and times you can set off fireworks.

#3: Have A Designated Firework Shooter

Third, you are going to want to make sure you have a designated firework shooter. This should be someone who is a responsible adult who has not consumed any alcohol or drugs on the day they are setting off the fireworks. Having one person in charge of setting off the fireworks will help keep the process under control.

This designated firework shooter should make sure they stay safe by wearing safety glasses, covering up their body, and wearing protective gloves. 

#4: Read the Information

Fourth, when you purchase fireworks, don't just glance at the safety and warning labels. Take your time to read the labels carefully. This will provide you with important information you need to safely understand how to light the fireworks and set them off.

#5: Have a Clean Work Area

When setting off a firework, you are going to want to have a clear work area. You will want to have an area where there is cement or asphalt or packed dirt. There should be nothing in the air space above where you will be shooting off the fireworks. You want an area where there are no fire risks.

#6: Always Have Water Handy

When dealing with fireworks, you are going to want to have water handy. You will want to have a large bucket with water so you can soak the fireworks after you set them off. You should wait about fifteen to twenty minutes to soak the fireworks for safe handling.

You should have a hose nearby as well so that if the firework embers cause any sparks or flames, you can quickly put them out.

When it comes to putting on a fireworks show this year for the 4th of July, you will want to use legal fireworks, have a designed firework shooter, read the information on each firework you purchase, and have a clear work area with water handy. Contact a company that sells products like Black Cat fireworks to learn more.