3 Reasons to Invest in a Yard Sign Franchise

17 March 2021
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Yard signs are all the rage these days, with families, businesses, and even schools using them to celebrate everything from anniversaries and sales promotions to retirements and birthdays. To capitalize on this craze, you should consider owning your own yard sign business. Here are three reasons to invest in a yard sign franchise.

1. Spread Happiness

There is nothing quite like seeing a series of yard signs to celebrate something special. These bright, colorful, and sometimes patterned signs are available in all kinds of different letters, numbers, and even emojis, giving people the opportunity to spell out a personalized message. 

By owning your own yard sign franchise, you can give people in your area the chance to spread a little happiness, which can brighten up your community. Yard signs can be the reason behind making another person's day better, so think about getting into the 'happy business.'

2. Enjoy Free Advertising

Yard signs advertise themselves, which is a huge advantage. Yard signs are so fun, interesting, and large that they attract attention left and right. By having your company logo and phone number printed on the back of the signs, you can garner new business whenever another customer puts up yard signs. Unlike other companies, which rely on radio or television commercials to spread the word, you can count on your customers to display signs in new places to spread the word about your company. 

3. Create a Growing Company

Businesses that have some upward mobility are always fun to operate, and the yard sign business has all kinds of add-ons that can help you to improve sales. You could offer solar lawn lights, balloons, birthday performance add-ons, and even cake delivery. 

Think of what you would want or need when planning a birthday party, and think about including it when you start up your business. While you may just want to start with the yard signs, having the ability to incorporate other offerings could make it easier to build your business as time goes on. Down the road, you could even hire a manager to run things for you, which could take a lot off of your plate. 

If you are considering going into the sign business, it's important to reach out to current business owners to ask about franchising opportunities. Look for yard sign businesses in other markets, such as nearby states or counties, to ask if they are currently looking for franchisees. By incorporating your own business, you can enjoy being your own boss.