5 Ways To Store And Display Your Collection Of Vinyl Video Game Soundtracks

21 October 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Have you been collecting video game soundtracks on vinyl over the years and now have quite a big collection? If so, you may be looking for ways to store and display your vinyl records since they are quite unique. Here are a few ways that you can enjoy the artwork or simply organize them in a better way.

Shelving Units

Many vinyl record collectors are very familiar with the different shelving options that can be used to store vinyl records. In fact, there are a few well-known manufactures, such as IKEA, that make shelving that seems to perfectly fit the exact size of a vinyl record. These shelving units can be the perfect fit for your collection since they reduce wasted space and make it easy to slide out a single vinyl record when you want to play them.

Drawer Storage Units

You can also purchase drawers that are specifically made for vinyl records. This makes it a bit easier to browse your collection since it's possible to flip through the records and see the full cover. One thing to keep in mind when using a drawer storage solution for your vinyl video game soundtracks is that it can put quite a bit of weight on the drawer itself. Make sure that any drawer storage solution is bolted to the wall so that the unit doesn't tumble forward when you have the drawers open.

Flower Boxes

A popular way to browse and display your vinyl record soundtracks is with flower box shelving. These boxes should be just big enough to fit the width of a vinyl record and are mounted to a wall. You'll see the artwork of whatever vinyl record is in front, and you can easily flip through them to browse or change up the artwork that you see. 

Portable Storage Boxes

If you have a fairly small collection, you may only need a vinyl record storage case. These hard cases are designed to fit the exact size of a vinyl record so that they do not have room to move around, and are easy to take out and browse when you feel like listening to music.

Picture Frames

Do you love the artwork of the records, but don't actually listen to them that often? Consider framing the vinyl record in a picture frame made specifically for vinyl records. These picture frames can make a great addition to a gaming room with vinyl records treated like artwork. If you ever want to get the record out to play it in the future, removing it from the frame will be very easy.