Start a Book Exchange Group

15 November 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Do you enjoy reading adult romantic thriller novels, yet find that it is rather unsatisfying to not have anyone to share your passion with? If you purchase books regularly and wind up placing them on a bookshelf once you have finished reading them, you may wind up forgetting about the novels. Instead of spending a lot of money on new reading materials, begin a book exchange club. This type of club will allow you to exchange reading materials that you own for a collection of different novels.

Seek Members

People who you work with or who attend the same fitness center as you may also be avid readers. It definitely won't hurt to ask your peers if they would be interested in joining a book exchange. There won't be much of a commitment to make, other than parting with books that have already been read. Once you acquire a list of people who would like to partake in the activity, ask them to compile a list of the books that they own and that they are willing to donate to the cause.

The books can either be permanently exchanged for others or you can suggest that they are lent out on a temporary basis. If you choose the latter option, the members of the group may be willing to part with their favorite romantic suspense novels or entire collections of books that were written by the same author.

Hand Out the Lists

A simple way to move forward with the exchange is by handing one book list to each member. Tell your club members to select a book from the list that they have received. They can circle the title or put a check next to it. Inform each person to write their name on the top of the list. When you hand the lists back to their respective owners, the book that is marked off can be collected from the owner's home and brought to your place of employment or a public venue so that it can be exchanged with another member's book.

Once the first exchange has been conducted, everyone can take their time reading the book that they received. When everyone has finished their novel, encourage a group chat session. This session will allow multiple people to discuss the same book. This can be enlightening since more than one person will likely have a different opinion about the same reading material.