Want Some Models With Your Models? How Models Attract Attention To Your Model Cars

16 November 2016
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When you want to draw attention to your model cars at an auto show, and you know your company's cars are not as flashy as some of the others on display, what do you do? You hire corporate entertainment in the form of gorgeous models, of course! Here are just some of the ways in which models can attract attention to your company's show vehicles.

Psychological Enhancement

Have you ever seen pictures of less attractive people next to plain cars, and then pictures of beautiful people next to the same cars? What was your initial reaction? What kind of reaction did you have to the cars after seeing pictures of the beautiful people next to them?

Usually, attitudes towards products change dramatically when gorgeous models are pictured with the products. This is a psychological thing, a tactic used to enhance your positive feelings towards the products next to the beautiful people. The same holds true when you hire beautiful models to stand next to your cars. Suddenly, auto show guests want to see the models and the cars next to them. It works quite well in reverse, too, when you want to make consumers feel less positive toward competitors' products. 

Come for the Models, Stay for the Model Cars

Of course, you will always have that group of auto show attendees who come just for the models. However, if the models are instructed to do everything in their power to show off the cars, it is nearly impossible for these attendees to not take in some information about the cars. Come for the models, stay for the model cars--it works because the attendees will hang on every word your models are given to say about the cars.

When Your Model Cars Are as Hot as the Models Themselves

On the flip side, if the cars your company is featuring sports cars or luxury cars that are absolutely stunning to view and considered desirable, then the models will only make the cars all that more desirable. It is fairly common to associate personal success with these vehicles (and dating a model!), and therefore pairing them up at an auto show only drives that subconscious idea home. If your company is looking to pre-sell certain vehicles, this is definitely the deal-closer image you want to project to potential buyers. Be sure to hire both male and female models, because hot cars appeal to both men and women.

To learn more, contact an agency that hires out auto show models.