Forget The Greeting Card, Say It With A...Spud?! The Low Down On Personalized Potatoes

12 September 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Your best friend just had a baby, it's father's day, your mom just had surgery, and you want to let your aunt know you're thinking of her on her birthday. If you're like most people, these occasions will mean you slip off to the local greeting card store and pick up a sentiment in paper form. However, if you are not the average Joe, these kinds of occasions will call for something a little less ordinary--in the form of an actual potato. Personalized potatoes are a real thing in the world of personalized gag gifts, and these spuds are making their way across the country as a popular way to show someone you care. 

Okay, so what exactly is a personalized potato?

A personalized potato is just as it sounds—a potato that has been personalized in some form or fashion to be suitably used as a gag gift. Why potatoes? Because potatoes are odd, totally random, and a great way to send off a chuckle through the mail. The recipient will either be left scratching their head in confusion or laughing hysterically at the whole concept. Either way, a personalized potato is an excellent way to get a point across in a memorable way. 

How exactly can a potato be personalized?

When you hit up a website that sells personalized potatoes, you will probably be quite amazed at just how many different ways a potato can be personalized. You will have the option to make a personalization selection of your choosing. A few examples of how a potato can be personalized to your specifications include:

  • potatoes inscribed with a written message of your designation
  • potatoes boasting a photo you provide
  • potatoes sporting an attached postcard that you choose
  • potatoes with fun faces and even hair to resemble the characteristics of the recipient

How is the spud shipped?

When you order your potato, it will be shipped in a different way according to where you order your potato from, as all potato-shippers have their own shipping methods. Some potato-shipping gag gift companies simply slap a postage stamp or two on the skin of the spud and ship it just as it is, which makes for an interesting find for anyone opening their mailbox. However, your potato may also be shipped in a traditional mailing package, envelope, box, or even in a burlap sack (which is an option on some sites). Check out a company like Sweet Potato Express for more information.