3 Affordable, Simple, DIY Ideas To Create Rustic Centerpieces For Your Wedding Reception In A Barn

25 August 2016
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From finding the perfect dress and hiring a caterer to choosing a color scheme and sending out invites, it is easy to see how so many brides are stressed during this special time. Considering the budget for your wedding can be a challenging issue, you may choose to hold the event in a rustic barn. Unfortunately, since barns have become trendy options, this venue can cost you between $4,000 to $30,000. Due to the cost of this appealing venue, you will need to cut expenses by creating your own décor. Thankfully, creating your own rustic centerpieces is possible using these affordable, simple, DIY ideas.

Antique Pitchers

Visit local flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores to purchase inexpensive pitchers for each table of your reception. The pitchers do not need to match, but make sure to choose a mixture of materials, colors, and patterns. Rusty galvanized metal, floral ceramic pieces, and even antique glass pitchers are all perfectly suited to a reception in a barn.

Fill each pitcher with the same array of flowers. Choose combinations of sunflowers and tree twigs or traditional roses with baby's breath.

The mixture of antiques on your wedding reception tables will accent your special day in a memorable manner.

Traditional Vases

If you prefer a more traditional centerpiece for your reception tables, consider purchasing a bulk lot of standard glass vases. These vases may be ordinary, but they are inexpensive and easy to decorate using affordable materials that will align with your rustic wedding.

Purchase a few rolls of burlap material and some thin lace ribbon from your local craft, dollar, or big-box retailer. Cut the burlap into wide strips and glue around each glass vase. Glue the thin lace ribbon to the center of the strip of burlap on the glass vase. Use your hot glue gun to ensure the burlap and lace are attached securely.

Fill the vase with cream hydrangea, sunflowers, roses, or daisies and place in the center of each reception table.

Tree Candles

One of the greatest benefits of having a rustic wedding is that there are no rules or guidelines to follow, so you do not need to invest in flowers for your centerpieces. Create a candlescape for each table center using trees cut down from your yard and some inexpensive votive candles.

Remove a few thin trees from your yard and saw off pieces of the trunk that are approximately ½-inch thick. Make sure you have a few pieces for each table. Center the pieces of the trunk on each of your reception tables and place a white votive on each wood piece. Before the reception begins, light the candles to create a natural glow.

Centerpieces can be expensive, but you can have an affordable barn wedding by creating these simple decorative pieces. With a bit of creativity and some effort, your décor will be inexpensive and memorable.