4 Great TV Series Based On Detective Novels

29 July 2016
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If you're a fan of detective novels, and also love to watch great detective television shows, then you should definitely check out television series that are based on long running detective books. The flowing list is going to cover 4 television shows. One of them is still in production, the others are no longer in production but are available on DVD.


Bosch is currently airing on Netflix. It is based on the long running series of novels by author Michael Connelly. The series follows the main character, Harry Bosch, an L.A. homicide detective. There have only been two seasons so far, but a third season is in production and is being based on Michael Connelly's debut novel Black Echo. Bosch is a world weary ex-army vet who now works the streets of L.A. His psyche is particularly damaged due to his mother, a prostitute, being killed when he was younger.

Inspector Lynley Mysteries

This series aired in England for several years and was based on the books of author Elizabeth George. The series follows two detectives, Thomas Lynley and Barbra Havers. Lynley comes from a well-to-do family with titles and money (he is the 8th Earl of Asherton) while Havers comes from a working class background. Much of the color in the shows comes from the culture clash that the two detectives experience while working together to solve murders for Scotland Yard.

Wallander (English and Swedish)

The novels of Henning Mankell featuring the detective Wallander have been made into television shows twice. The first time they were made in his native Sweden, the second time they were made in England with Kenneth Branagh starting as the eponymous detective. Interestingly, the English version starting Kenneth Branagh kept the locale and setting, so Branagh's detective resides and works in Ystad, Sweden and not some substitute English location.

The character of Wallander is a man who leads a trouble existence. His wife abandoned him, his only child, a daughter, is emotionally distraught and has made attempts on her life, and his aging father (an artist of some renowned) is disdainful of his sons choice to be a policeman and makes his contempt known.


This series features one of the most famous detectives of all time, Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. The show was broadcast from 1989 to 2013 and stared David Succhet as the Belgium detective. The series is a treasure for fans of classic English mystery, and fans of the idiosyncratic Belgian who always gets the killer in the end.

Poirot is not officially employed by Scotland Yard. Instead he acts as a private detective and is brought into cases by friends, associates, the police, or even a suspicious story in the newspaper. He is helped by his friend, Hastings, a former officer in the British Army who met Poirot years before.

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