Fun Team Building Ideas For Your Health Club Staff To Try

3 June 2016
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Team building exercises have a proven track record of allowing coworkers to be productive together instead of competitive with one another, which is beneficial for the company as a whole. In the health club industry where everyone on your staff wants to be the very best at what they do, whether they are personal trainers or class instructors, you want to try to keep their competitive natures low. Team building exercises geared toward their interests can help your team work together, not against one another. Here are some team building exercises to try for your health club staff.

Vegan/Vegetarian cooking class

Part of being healthy involves what goes into the body, and nutrition is likely something your staff cares about deeply. Have everyone take a healthy cooking class together where they learn about different types of healthy vegetables, fruits, and grains and learn how to prepare a meal together. Not only will your staff learn how to work together and treat one another as equals, they can learn valuable nutrition tips that they can then pass on to your clients.

Obstacle course

An obstacle course is an excellent team building exercise for health club staff because it encourages a competitive edge in healthy ways. The key to having your staff do an obstacle course together is to team them where fitness instructors and personal trainers must intermingle and work together on separate teams. This eliminates one type of staff member from being 'better' if they win. You can set up the obstacle course at your facility where members can watch the action, go to a professional obstacle course in your area, or try solving a series of puzzles together in places like Houdini’s Room Escape. Your prize can be a donation to a charity of the winners' choice, which allows everyone to feel positive no matter who wins in this great exercise.


One of the best team building exercises your health club staff can do is to volunteer their time to a local cause. Have them work together in a soup kitchen where they must prep, cook, and serve meals, or have them come up with an exercise class that they can teach at a local school for a fun assembly kids can enjoy. Even the most competitive of your staff members can find themselves humbled when they give back to their local community, and this attitude can be carried back to the gym in positive ways.

You want all your health club staff members to get along, and having them do team exercises is a way to accomplish this. Choose team building exercises that are geared more specifically to what they do, and you can have great success in creating a unified staff.