Creating A Great DJ Set List For Your Wedding Reception

9 May 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


You and your fiancé are huge music lovers and you've hired a DJ that you respect, but you may want to fine-tune your wedding reception song list to make sure all your favorite songs and genres are included. Follow this guide to create a reception playlist that can't be beat.

Genres To Consider

Before you start choosing songs, it is worth picking a few genres you and your fiancé love. Try to pick genres and styles that are appropriate to the situation, including the following:

  • Classical
  • Country
  • Pop
  • Dance music
  • Electronic
  • Disco
  • Rock
  • Jazz

It's probably best to avoid genres like punk or metal, as they often feature abrasive lyrics that may be offensive to many guests. However, if you and your spouse are metal heads, it's possible to find romantic metal songs that may work for the occasion.

Slow Dance Ballads

First dances are among the most romantic moments in a wedding reception and getting the song right is so important. Your DJ will need a little guidance here to ensure they find the song you want. Some of the best first dance songs, by genre, include:

  • Country – "Crazy," Patsy Cline, "Falling In Love With You," Elvis Presley, "Amazed," Lonestar
  • Jazz – "At Last," Etta James, "Everything," Michael Buble, "It Had To Be You," Frank Sinatra
  • Rock - "God Only Knows," The Beach Boys, "You Wear It Well," Rod Stewart, "Hanging By A Moment," Lifehouse
  • Soul – "Let's Stay Together," Al Green, "That's Where It's At," Sam Cooke, "Let's Get It On," Marvin Gaye

This is just a sample of the great first dance songs you and your spouse could use. Try to find a song that really means something special to the both of you and falls within your favorite genres. And be specific about the specific performance you want to ensure your DJ gets the right song.

Fast-Paced Dance Tunes

When it comes time for the fast dance, you're going to want to use a lot of fast-paced songs that will get your reception sweating. The best DJs will know how to mix various styles and genres in a way that keeps your reception exciting. Here are a few suggestions for high energy rock songs, by genre:

  • Rock – "Back In The Saddle," Aerosmith, "I Saw Her Standing There," The Beatles, "Get Of Of My Cloud," The Rolling Stones
  • Dance/rap – "Feel This Moment, Pitbull, "I Don't Mind," Usher, "Don't Tell Em," Jeremih
  • Country – "Ain't Going Down Till The Sun Comes Up," Garth Brooks, "Honky Tonk Badonka Donk," Trace Adkins, "Devil Went Down To Georgia," The Charlie Daniels Band
  • Funk – "Get Up Offa That Thing," James Brown, "Tear The Roof Off The Sucka," Parliament, "Kiss," Prince

With your help, your DJ will play only the best and most appropriate music at your wedding reception. Most DJs are more than happy to take your advice and will find a way to download music and present it at your reception in an exciting and fun way.