3 Ways To Navigate Happy Hour If You Do Not Want Your Friends To Know You Are Pregnant

14 April 2016
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Happy hour can be an excellent time to get together with friends or co-workers in a relaxed environment. However, since there are often expectations for you to take advantage of the alcoholic specials that your favorite establishment offers during happy hour, it can be difficult to mask a pregnancy. While you can order an alcoholic drink while you are pregnant, the American Pregnancy Association recommends refraining from drinking alcohol altogether. Here are three tips for enjoying happy hour if you do not want your friends to suspect that you are pregnant. 

Feign an Infection

It is generally recommended to avoid drinking alcohol when you are taking most antibiotics. If you do not want your companions to know you are pregnant but want to avoid alcohol altogether, saying that you are on antibiotics will give you an excuse to freely order virgin cocktails throughout the evening. It will also allow you to avoid alcohol for the next several days or even a couple of weeks without suspicion. 

Concentrate on the Food 

Happy hour specials often involve food as well as alcohol. By concentrating on the awesome two-for-one appetizers, you can potentially slip in your alcohol-free drink order without anyone noticing. 

Say You Are On a Cleanse 

Cleanses, during which you avoid certain foods and drinks for a week or longer, are becoming common. If you happen to be going to happy hour in the spring or summer, you can claim that you are on a cleanse in order to lose weight and get ready for the warm weather. Many people will respect this choice, but they might ask you questions about the type of cleanse you are on, so be prepared to answer them. Also, you may have to be careful about what types of food you order to keep up the appearance of your cleanse. 

What doesn't work? Talking to the waiter or bartender to tell them to give you a virgin cocktail even if you order an alcoholic one. This plan can backfire if the establishment gets busy and the bartender forgets or if one of your friends orders a pitcher or round of drinks for the entire group.

If you are pregnant, you should still be able to go out and have a good time with your friends and co-workers. However, if you want to keep your pregnancy a secret for a little longer, you should plan a few creative ways to avoid alcohol while you are out.