Tips For Setting Up Your Entertainment Rack System

5 February 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


If you have a television, a cable box, several gaming consoles, and a DVD player, chances are good that your entertainment area is a mess of tangled cords and controllers. This can be a problem, especially because most televisions only have so many HDMI input areas, forcing you to constantly be switching which HDMI cables for which pieces of technology have access to the television at any given time. You might be constantly dealing with a mess of wires that force you into an unpleasant state where you are often about to accidentally pull some console or piece of technology to the ground and break it. One solution is a rack system. Here's how you can set up your rack system. 

1. Organize by Level

A rack entertainment system is a system where you essentially have several different shelves that hold different types of equipment. This allows you to separate out your equipment by level and keep more of it straight. You can put gaming consoles on the bottom shelf, followed by video playing devices on the shelf above that, and then the television on the top shelf. This will allow you to physically separate your pieces of technology and make it easier for you to keep them all straight. If you have a lot of different gaming consoles that have a variety of controllers, consider purchasing a racking system that has a drawer as the bottom level and stash all of the controllers in there. If you have a lot of games and DVDs, consider getting a racking system with several different shelves and put the rack next to a separate stand where you keep your television.

2. Split Up the Cords

Purchase medium-sized binder clips from your local store clip them to the back of each shelf on your rack so that their arms are not bent down. Then, put one set of cords through each of the binder clips. Use post-it notes or some other form of labeling to label which binder clip contains which cord. This is a great way to physically keep your cords separated, neat, and identifiable.

3. Label the Cords Near Where They Enter the TV

Next, label the cords on the ends where they enter the TV with tape. You can either use color coded tape to identify different devices or you can use the same color of tape but write the names of the devices on them in magic marker. Wrap the tape around each cord. This will allow you to easily connect and disconnect the correct cables. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in entertainment rack cases.