3 Tips For Designing Your Twins' Nursery

25 June 2015
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Are you expecting twins? If so, you likely have a lot of planning work to do. One of the biggest items on your list may be decorating their nursery. You'll likely want to design a room that is comfortable and peaceful, but that is is also functional. Also, if you're having a boy and a girl, you may want to avoid the gender-specific shades of blue and pink. Planning a nursery for two can be fun and exciting. Here are a few tips to help you design the perfect nursery for your twins:

Pick a palate. Instead of mixing-and-matching different colors of paints, go to your local design store and choose from one of their pre-built palates. Most of these palates include a handful of complimentary colors that will work well in a room together. You can choose one color for your wall paint and then use the remaining colors for room accents.

Also, you may want to assign a color to each child. These colors will help you easily differentiate between the twins' different blankets, sheets, pacifiers, and more. Color coding will help you keep your sanity as you try and organize all of their different belongings.

Focus on storage. Storage can be a challenge when you have one baby. Having twins makes it even more difficult, which can be especially true if you're working with limited space. Look for creative ways to store important items. For example, could you store their out of season clothes in bins under their cribs? Could a stacked set of bins double as a nightstand? With every piece of furniture you buy, consider storage just as much as you consider appearance. You'll have a lot of clothes, blankets, and toys to deal with by the time your babies arrive.

Accent with art. Perhaps the funnest part of planning a nursery is deciding on the artwork and other decorating accents. You can buy plenty of sets at baby stores that come with wallpaper, artwork, and other accents. However, you may also want some original artwork, especially if you or a family member has an artistic touch.

Think about including art that represents famous friends from kids films, like Toy Story's Woody and Buzz or Disney's Mickey and Donald. That artwork will reflect the special friendship that your twins share. One classic movie about friendship is Disney's The Fox and The Hound. You could paint the title characters on the wall or buy prints from the film. You may also want to include one of the famous Disney Quotes from The Fox and The Hound, such as, "And we'll always be friends forever, won't we? Yeah, forever."

For more information, talk to a designer. They can help you create the perfect nursery for your twins.