Hiring A DJ Service For Your Party

19 January 2015
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If you plan on throwing a large party in the near future, you will have a lot of plans to make from food to entertainment. A great source of entertainment is to hire a DJ service to play music for your guests. When hiring a DJ service (such as A Ran Music Service), you will want to interview before hiring to make sure you hire someone who will be a good match to the party you are throwing. Here are some tips for you to use when hiring a disc jockey.

Make An Appointment

Call a few local companies and make appointments to talk with the services before you give a payment. You will want to take this time to interview the employee so you can get a feel about the personality they have before you commit to hiring them. It is important to hire a disc jockey that has an upbeat personality so the guests will feel at ease and get up and dance.

Find Out About Equipment

The equipment a disc jockey uses is very important. If they are not using current equipment, they risk having something break down during their performance. You will want to make sure they have adequate speaker coverage for the event. Having more than two speakers will give your party a richer, fuller sound, as they can be placed strategically in the area to have sound amplify from several directions.

Having two ways to play music is also a plus. Many DJs have forgone the use of compact discs for digital, however, this is a bad idea. If they do not have a good WiFi connection or if there is a problem with their laptop or hard drive, your party would be without music. Having the compact disc option can save your party if there was to be an electronic mishap.

Props And Extras

Ask the disc jockey if they have any props available to use at the party. Some DJ services will provide extra fun by bringing in goofy glasses, hats, blow-up instruments or leis for the guests to use during certain songs. Ask if they have any lighting that they will be bringing in to make the party seem energetic. A light show during songs performances can really kick the party up a notch. Some disc jockeys have karaoke as an option. You could have your guests pick out songs they would like to sing for the rest of the party.