Why Big Events Should Be Planned Using Rented Tables & Chairs

9 January 2017
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Should you find yourself in charge of planning a big event, you may want to consider renting all of the tables and chairs that you will need instead of using any others that you may have access to. Instead of simply focusing on how much money the rental would be, you will want to consider why it would be very beneficial to you. Less Mess to Deal With If you rent the table and chairs from a company that not only sets them up for you, but that comes and dismantles them as well, you are in luck. Read More 

Want Some Models With Your Models? How Models Attract Attention To Your Model Cars

16 November 2016
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When you want to draw attention to your model cars at an auto show, and you know your company's cars are not as flashy as some of the others on display, what do you do? You hire corporate entertainment in the form of gorgeous models, of course! Here are just some of the ways in which models can attract attention to your company's show vehicles. Psychological Enhancement Have you ever seen pictures of less attractive people next to plain cars, and then pictures of beautiful people next to the same cars? Read More 

3 Tips For Taking Your Kids To A Haunted House

27 September 2016
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One of the best things about Halloween is the scary part of it. It's fun to be scared – just as long as you're not too scared. You want to be just the right amount of scared so that you can enjoy the suspense and then the sense of relief when the scare is over. As an adult, you've learned to gauge what level of scary is right for you and how much is too much, which is why you can pick out scary movies or books that are right for you. Read More 

You Don’t Have To Be A Sailor To Enjoy These Nautical Themed Tattoos

14 September 2016
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If you love the ocean and the folklore surrounding sailing and you're looking for tattoo designs, then you should think about nautical themed tattoos. As you might know, tattoos originally became popular with sailors, so it's only fitting that some of the classic designs feature nautical themes. Here are some ideas that you can investigate. You will find many different designs in each, ranging from the classic "Sailor Jerry" style, to more modern designs. Read More 

Forget The Greeting Card, Say It With A…Spud?! The Low Down On Personalized Potatoes

12 September 2016
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Your best friend just had a baby, it's father's day, your mom just had surgery, and you want to let your aunt know you're thinking of her on her birthday. If you're like most people, these occasions will mean you slip off to the local greeting card store and pick up a sentiment in paper form. However, if you are not the average Joe, these kinds of occasions will call for something a little less ordinary--in the form of an actual potato. Read More