Fun Ways To Dress Up Chairs For A Preschool Graduation

29 June 2016
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If you are a preschool administrator and you are planning a graduation ceremony for your students, taking time to make preparations for seating will become a priority. The children should each have their own chair to sit in throughout the event so they do not become tired or antsy while awaiting their turn to receive their diploma. Here are some fun ideas you can incorporate into your students' chair setup for a graduation ceremony.

Have Children Make Their Own Name Tags

Affix a name tag with each child's name upon it to the back of each chair. The children will enjoy making their own personalized piece, making it easy for them to find their seating area as a result. Encourage the children to draw a picture on a piece of plain white card stock. They can then use rubber stamping equipment to place their printed name upon the card so those viewing the chairs from behind will know which one belongs to the child they are watching at the ceremony. Make sure to use black ink for the stamped lettering so the names are easy to read.

Use Photographs To Give Chairs Personalization

Take a photograph of each child wearing their cap and gown. This can be placed inside a plastic sheet protector or laminated with rigid clear plastic. Use double-sided tape to attach the photograph to the back of the chairs. It is a good idea to do this along with a name tag as well. The pictures can be removed by each child's caregiver at the end of the ceremony, giving them a memento of the occasion to cherish in the future.

Attach Some Fun To Keep Children Occupied

One great way to keep children calm while waiting for their turn to walk up to the staging area is with small gifts. Set a small bag of toys underneath each chair for the child to look through while attending the ceremony. Coloring books and crayons will work well at keeping children occupied.

Include a small container of bubbles for children to use during the ceremony, helping them to become excited about the event as they can celebrate each child's accomplishment with a blast of blown bubbles. If desired, tape a balloon to the back of each chair and have the children release them after all the diplomas have been given out. This will be a remembered portion of the ceremony and will be a great photo opportunity as well.

For more information and assistance, contact a company that specializes in chair rentals.