101 Weekends of Fun

Want Some Models With Your Models? How Models Attract Attention To Your Model Cars

16 November

When you want to draw attention to your model cars at an auto show, and you know your company’s cars are not as flashy as some of the others on display, what do you do? You hire corporate entertainment in the form of gorgeous models, of course! Here are just some of the ways in […]

3 Affordable, Simple, DIY Ideas To Create Rustic Centerpieces For Your Wedding Reception In A Barn

25 August

From finding the perfect dress and hiring a caterer to choosing a color scheme and sending out invites, it is easy to see how so many brides are stressed during this special time. Considering the budget for your wedding can be a challenging issue, you may choose to hold the event in a rustic barn. […]

Fun Ways To Dress Up Chairs For A Preschool Graduation

29 June

If you are a preschool administrator and you are planning a graduation ceremony for your students, taking time to make preparations for seating will become a priority. The children should each have their own chair to sit in throughout the event so they do not become tired or antsy while awaiting their turn to receive their diploma. […]

Swim Club And Autism: 3 Benefits Your Child Can Reap From Participation

12 April

An estimated one in 68 children in the United States is autistic. If your child has autism, you understand how difficult it can be to help your child participate in social activities. Enrolling your autistic child in a swim club could be extremely beneficial over time. Here are three benefits that your child could enjoy […]

Tips For Setting Up Your Entertainment Rack System

05 February

If you have a television, a cable box, several gaming consoles, and a DVD player, chances are good that your entertainment area is a mess of tangled cords and controllers. This can be a problem, especially because most televisions only have so many HDMI input areas, forcing you to constantly be switching which HDMI cables […]

Holding A Face Painting Booth For Fundraising Purposes

15 September

If you are looking for an innovative way to raise funds for a good cause, holding a face painting booth at a local carnival, schooling or scouting event, or vendor fair can be a great way to receive money without having to pay much to prepare. Here are a few tips you can use when setting up your […]

3 Tips For Designing Your Twins’ Nursery

25 June

Are you expecting twins? If so, you likely have a lot of planning work to do. One of the biggest items on your list may be decorating their nursery. You’ll likely want to design a room that is comfortable and peaceful, but that is is also functional. Also, if you’re having a boy and a […]